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San Francisco


San Francisco, CA, USA

August 02, 2023

1. Visit the Golden Gate Bridge: No visit to San Francisco is complete without visiting the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Enjoy breathtaking views of the city skyline and explore the 4,200-foot suspension bridge connecting San Francisco to Marin County. 2. Take a Tour of Alcatraz Island: Explore the infamous prison island and learn about its history on a guided tour. Climb up to the prison’s cell house and soak in incredible views of San Francisco Bay. 3. Visit Fisherman’s Wharf: Experience sea lions, souvenir shops

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Sotto Mare

552 Green St, San Francisco, CA 94133, United States


Leszek Moniuszko

3 months ago

Absolutely 5 out of 5! The restaurant is very welcoming. There is a good atmosphere inside where the staff is attentive and happy to help with anything. I can’t emphasize enough on how wonderful Fabiana was with us from the welcome to check out! She took care of us like it was her own home and gave us great food recommendations. Food is delicious, fragrant, fresh and prepared with care. We’ve enjoyed mouthwatering oysters, hearty clam chowder and a selection of delicious seafood . I would say a must visit when in SF ❤️ Definitely coming again next time!

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Coit Tower

1 Telegraph Hill Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94133, United States



in the last week

Beautiful view and beautiful murals at the bottom of the tower. I braved the stairs to the top but not sure if it's really worth to buy a ticket to make it to the top. You get a similar view from the bottom when you walk around outside. Actually, my best pictures are from my walk outside but worth to check out the bottom of the tower!

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The Morris

2501 Mariposa St, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States


Steve McCaa

a month ago

How have I never visited this jewel before?!? To start with the service was fantastic. From the moment we walked in every staff member was warm and welcoming and attentive to our needs. Our waitress, Camilla was great, and we had our cocktails within a few minutes of sitting down. Speaking of cocktails. Yes there is a $35 dollar Manhattan on the menu. Manhattans are my drink of choice. My girlfriend wondered if I was really going to spend $35 on a Manhattan. I figured they had to be pretty damn proud of it to charge $35. They should be proud of it. I've been perfecting my personal recipe for a few years (thanks to covid its gotten pretty damn good). This Manhattan was worth every penny. Do NOT skip it if you love a good Manhattan. We started with a small bit of Pate de Campagne and Pork Cracklins. Both were very good, but then we moved onto the Crudo and a gem salad featuring hazelnuts and bacon. My girlfriend loved her crudo so much she had to use a spoon to sip up the sauce. I was astonished how good the salad was. Just really sublime. On to the main. Camilla had let us know that the duck was what most people came here for. I'm not really a duck person, but I knew my Girlfriend wanted it so we decided to split a portion. OMG am I glad that we went with the duck. The crispy skin was amazingly perfect. The accompanying sauce was the perfect compliment to it. Just really sublime. Overall this is a fantastic place. I do not know how someplace like "O" garners a Micheline star and The Morris isn't even given notice. We've added The Morris to our list of repeat places. Only downside is that it isn't cheap and if you are on a budget you'll need to save it for special occasions.

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Union Square

San Francisco, CA 94108, United States


Luke L'sk

a month ago

A lovely open field plaza in the middle of the city center surrounded by buildings. Great area to host a small event. There are benches and chairs all around, so you may take a coffee break. Some snack shops are set up at the corners of the Plaza so people may make purchase at their convenience while staying in the union Square Also, it is a great site to view the cable card as it is right by the tracks

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Lazy Bear

3416 19th St, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States


Heather Stone

in the last week

Lazy Bear continues to up their game. This was my fourth visit and it was magnificent.. The food was impeccable. The beauty and detail in each presentation were second only to the flavor. Everything perfectly prepared and perfectly presented. The wine pairing this evening was also spot on…. The food, the wine and the service continue to improve …. Could a third star be on the horizon? Maybe? They are absolutely killing it right now.

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Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Brg, San Francisco, CA, United States


Rajesh Ramchandani

a week ago

Whether you are visiting San Francisco or live in the bay area, there is nothing like a morning walk in the golden gate bridge. It's a one of a kind experience. Find a warm day and get lucky to have no fog on the bridge. Enjoy the views, the beauty of mountains and the vast mostly friendly and colorful ocean. Experience the feeling of mammoth bridge's suspension ropes and soak in the history of suspension bridges. If you are lucky, you can find a place to park at the Vista point across the bridge. If not, drive up to Alexander Ave exit on 101N and make a left to park on the other side of the bridge. You may want to be patient and wait to find a parking spot as that lot is small but many visitors usually stay only for a short time. Then walk under the bridge and feel the steel rumblings as non stop rush of vehicles above the bridge play music underneath. Walk a distance of 1.75 miles to the end of the bridge. Take photos and enjoy the views of vast waters and the Alcatraz islands and head back for another distance of 1.75 miles. Walking to and from should be an hour or so. Then drive to Sausalito for a lovely lunch at one of the many seafood restaurants or Spinnaker if you are lucky to get reservations. Enjoy the bridge. It's worth it

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Gary Danko

800 North Point St, San Francisco, CA 94109, United States


Michael Roesch

a week ago

Last weekend, we visited Gary Danko again after many years (and a pandemic) for a belated birthday celebration. Happy to report that this restaurant is still at its absolute peak. Everything was wonderful, service is impeccable, and food preparation and presentation are superb. What we loved most was that the restaurant still offers maximum flexibility in letting customers choose which courses they want and allowing modifications to accommodate personal preferences. Fantasic experience all around. We will be back!

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The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94133, United States



a year ago

Great place to people watch, it's actually entertaining at times. There are plenty of places to eat, drink, gift shop, or shop for your self. Yes, need a new tee shirt, perhaps the sun is too much and you're getting burned now, even though it's a bit chilly. Be aware of the extra fees restaurant's are charging, they don't have to print it on their menu, but if they want to charge they do have to show it and explain why when you ask. So, perhaps those small vendors might be helpful after all. Bring a windbreaker, San Francisco weather is cool. Hop in a bike carriage $15 per person, Ferry Ride to Vallejo from the Ferry Building - mobile app $9.00 counter purchase $11.25 1 hour ride. There are several stores that have closed unfortunately. Plenty of transportation options in S.F. Be considerate of each other in this life, bringing forth good vibes works for all. We all share this earth, be kind where ever you vacation, kindness spreads faster than you realize. HAVE A GREAT TIME!

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355 11th St, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States


Daniela Starr

2 months ago

Truly elevates Mexican cuisine to another level. The food was not only creative but also delicious. I came here with my significant other for my birthday and it was an incredible experience. Definitely a must try! Both of us loved it and will be coming back :)

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Alcatraz Island

San Francisco, CA 94133, United States


Megan Reif

a week ago

Book your tickets early!! By some stroke of luck I managed to get us tickets last minute when almost the whole next week was sold out. They allow 3rd parties to buy the official tickets and jack up the price, which sucks! We got to the ferry pretty early and they actually let us board with the previous group, that was awesome. We got to the island and they charge $1 for the brochure which seems a little tacky after you just paid a bunch of money for the ferry and audio tour. The cell house tour was interesting, but got a little long for our kiddo. The incline up to there was no joke! We always do the Jr ranger programs and usually if it's close to closing time they will give the badge to you when they give the booklet. The ranger told us she'd be open until a certain time ( I feel like it was 5?) and we came back before then and she was gone. There happened to be a security guy patrolling the area and said she was gone for the day and he was able to give us the badge thankfully.

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Golden Gate Park

San Francisco, CA, United States


UniKorn Gurll

in the last week

Great place to spend the day. Two museums, a ferris wheel, botanical garden, live music playing, food trucks and stands, and the Japanese tea garden, to visit. The park is also great for bringing your dogs, picnics, or taking a stroll. Great ambiance and good vibes 😎; bathrooms and parking available too.

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