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Amalfi coast


Amalfi Coast, Italy

August 03, 2023

1. Visit the Amalfi Coast's Iconic Villages: Explore the picturesque villages of Amalfi, Positano, Ravello and others. Enjoy their historical architectures, winding streets and spectacular coastal views.2. Take a Boat Cruise: Take a boat cruise along the coast to take in its stunning scenery from the water. Enjoy the sunshine and stop at various locations to explore local attractions.3. Taste Local Food: Sample fresh seafood dishes, traditional Italian cuisine and unique local delicacies like limoncello liqueur, made from le

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Chiostro del Paradiso

Via Salita Episcopio, 5, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy


Susan Gates

a month ago

Who knew St. Andrew, the first disciple of Jesus, is supposedly buried here? The cloister is outstanding and the original church with its bronze doors cast in Constantinople and dedicated to St. Andrew makes you feel you are in the 10th c.

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Marina Grande

Viale della Regione, 4, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy


Joao Pedro

a month ago

Me and my girlfriend had a great lunch there. I love when I try different things and everything tastes good. The seafood (antipasto, risotto and secondo) was so fresh and good, but the truffle pasta was also phenomenal. Service was good and the guys gave us good recommendations. The portions of fried seafood and risotto were big. Stuffed pasta usually doesn’t come in big portions (mainly when coming with truffles), but this one was not small — even though it may seem small compared to the other dishes in the pic. Love the atmosphere and you can definitely get the beach vibes.

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Villa Rufolo

Piazza Duomo, 1, 84010 Ravello SA, Italy


Akmal Akhmadjonov

a month ago

Beautiful villa for 8 euros per person. If you would really like to take in all the art and beauty, spare yourself at least 2 hours. The flowers in the garden are very beautiful and the architecture is well preserved. There are nice and cool shades to catch a break from the boiling sun, there is a museum in the tower, and magical views from the terraces and balconies. At the very heart of Ravello, it’s a must visit when you are in this city.

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Amalfi Coast

84011 Amalfi, Province of Salerno, Italy


Stephan Schwarz

a week ago

Very touristic but still beautiful. Should be visited once - however, if you enjoy relaxing holidays: there are so many nice places to go to in Italy :)

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Sensi Restaurant

Via Pietro Comite, 4, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy



2 weeks ago

Had an amazing lunch here with stunning views of the Amalfi beach. Staff was also very nice and accommodating, and allowed us to split most of the pasta and dishes. Highly recommended experience, especially for lunch.

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Grotta dello Smeraldo

Via Smeraldo, 84010 Conca dei Marini SA, Italy


Alex Kueneman

in the last week

Worth a stop if you can find a parking spot. 😎 If it's summer, this is a great place to get out of the sun and enjoy the grotto. Typically the price is like 10€ a person and the time in the boat is 10min to 15min. The guides are pretty fun and do provide information in language options, primarily Italian and English. You don't have to walk all the stairs if you don't want to, they do have a small elevator to get you up and down.

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Da Gemma

Via Fra Gerardo Sasso, 11, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy


Kevin Carter

3 months ago

By far one of the best spots for dinner in Amalfi. They tucked off the main square in the town which is nice to hang and take pictures before or after dinner. The food is incredible too. We tried the octopus, tuna, and fillet and had the famous big noodle pasta and they are all better than most we had in Italy! I highly recommend if you are in the area.

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Museo della Carta

Via delle Cartiere, 23, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy


Valentina Macias Vasileff

a month ago

I recently had the pleasure of visiting a charming museum that showcases the art of quality paper production spanning centuries. By chance, my partner and I discovered this hidden gem and were captivated by the process of creating Amalfi paper. As a graphic designer, my partner really enjoyed learning about each step involved. The tour guide was very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. We couldn't resist bringing home a few treasures from the gift shop. If you are interested in history, craftsmanship, and a unique learning opportunity, I highly recommend paying a visit to this museum!

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Ristorante La Caravella

Via Matteo Camera, 12, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy



a month ago

My dinner at @lacaravellaamalfi is one of the highlights of the trip. The dining experience of a traditional but creative tasting menu and the artistic environment is one of a kind! When I found out about this restaurant gallery I was so excited to visit - and it did not disappoint! I can only post 10 photos here, but the decor and art pieces they have on display were so nice as well. My favorites were the lemon leaves with shredded fish, shrimp with ricotta cheese, and the “sun in the dish” aka giant lemon soufflé. Loved the local and fresh ingredients. I was so full and satisfied after the meal! Highly recommend to people visiting Amalfi who are looking for a nice fancy dinner to enjoy!

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