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Bucharest, Romania

August 15, 2023

In Bucharest, Romania there is a wide variety of things to do and see. From exploring the city’s historic Old Town and taking in the architecture of its grand public buildings to enjoying nightlife in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, there is something for everyone. Tourists can take a stroll through the cobblestoned streets of Lipscani or explore the iconic Palace of Parliament. In addition to sightseeing, visitors can enjoy world-class shopping along the central Calea Victoriei, or experience the city’s rich cultural heritage at one

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Calea Rahovei 147-153, București, Romania


Oana Plo

a month ago

Overall good food, but high prices. We really enjoyed the fish appetizers (fish pate and sea bass tartare), while the tripe soup wasn't that great. The service was just ok. I would have expected more choices when it comes to wine by the glass (just one option available). Very nice, green terrace. Welcoming interior design, as well

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Noa Restoclub

Calea Victoriei 26, București 030027, Romania


Andrei G

4 months ago

Overpriced and doesn’t stand up to the expectations. The steak was medium only in certam spots, most of it was well done even though i asked for medium rare. The mushroom sauce tasted only like garlic, basic salad. It’s alright overall, but the food is basic at most.

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Strada Dianei 9, București 020971, Romania


Ivona Octavia Laiu

a month ago

Expensive, but worth it. They change the menu once a season. They have 2 short menus and 1 long tasting menu. The short menus cost 550 RON each and the long one 650 RON. So, for a dinner in two + some cocktails and the included tip, it will cost you about 1400 RON in total. You can make an online reservation and you'll get a reply on your mail with the menus. They accept only card payment. All the details will be on the mail, except the bar menu (cocktail, beer, wine, etc.). I spent there around 3 hours with my boyfriend. The courses/dishes were small, but tasty and presented to us in a tasteful manner. In some photos I've already seen from previous reviews, the menu items seem bigger. They are actually small like the palm of your hand, but very nourishing. I felt already full after the appetizers. The music was smooth jazz (coming from amazing state of the art speakers), the lightning seemed perfect for a time in two. What I enjoyed the most was the tour of the restaurant and its history, at the end of our dinner. The initial house was projected by the same architect of the Arch of Triumph (our Romanian version). It belonged to a boyar and after remained in ruins. It was rehabilitated by the original plan. The walls in the room we had reservation was made of black ceramic tiles - very rare. The floor was made of river stones, the paintings belong to a Romanian artist and everything from the menu is with organic Romanian ingredients. Even the liquid soap from the bathrooms (which smells addictive) is made by a Romanian company. For tourists I think the local wines and their stories would be a delight, too. I also asked about the name of the restaurant. It's called Kane after a Hawaiian god. It was a special dinner and evening for us and we fully enjoyed.

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Beca's Kitchen

Strada Mihai Eminescu 80, București 020081, Romania



2 months ago

Founding some good Vegetarian food was a challenge for me in Bucharest but then I came across this place having some good options. I tried this lasagna here which was quite creamy and tasted yumm. Loved the preparation and presentation as well. The place has a pretty ambiance as well.

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Voilà, le Bistrot

Strada General Constantin Budișteanu 18, București 030167, Romania


Nick Mihaiu

a year ago

We had dinner on the terrace. Nice atmosphere, located away from the noise of the city, calm and french music playing softly. Interesting dishes, not your usual, more like fine dining, I really enjoyed the fish and the brownie cheesecake, that was delicious. The old house looks amazing in the inside, just went to see it since it's summer and you definitely prefer to sit outside but I would come back to sit inside once.

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JW Steakhouse

Calea 13 Septembrie 90, București 050726, Romania


Ming-han LU

a week ago

The restaurant is situated on the first floor. First, the receptionist led me to my table. Then, the waitress asked me if I wanted anything to drink and showed me various steaks to allow me to choose one. I chose prime ribeye and it was delicious. Also, it was interesting to choose a steak knife on my own! I hope to taste tomahawk steak next time!

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Taverna Covaci

Strada Covaci 1, București 030167, Romania


Svetlana Focsa

3 weeks ago

we visited this restaurant 2 years ago and we came back again this year! love the atmosphere, here you will experience real romanian culture and cuisine. my favorite was mushroom soup, it was super delicious, i ordered it twice.

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YUKI japanese home dining

Strada Puțul lui Zamfir 5, București 011681, Romania


Alexandra Bucur

a month ago

This is my favorite Japanese restaurant and they definitely make the best ramen in town. There is so much more to Japanese cuisine than sushi, and Yuki proves it with every dish. I recommend this restaurant to many of my friends and all of them became regulars.

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Casa Doina

Şoseaua Pavel D. Kiseleff 4, București, Romania


Sergey Ishkhanov

a month ago

One of the best Bucharest traditional Romanian restaurant. Prone location, excellent building, garden and terrace. Very good service, staff and food. Reasonable prices, pleasure to visit

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Haute Pepper

Bulevardul Unirii nr. 2, București 040104, Romania


Dimitria-Oana-Maria Radoi

3 months ago

Probably one of my favorite restaurants. Their food is delicious, I was impressed by their Chicken Supreme with sweet potatoes puree. Also, their cheesecake is one of the best I’ve ever eaten. The restaurant looks very good as well, it is classy and nicely decorated. It’s located in a good area close to the city center. After discovering this place, I went there the next day as well. Will come back to try the other options from the menu. The cocktails were good too and the service was fast.

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L'Atelier Relais & Chateaux

ground floor, Intrarea Aurora 17C, București 010213, Romania


Adriana Petre

5 months ago

The food was great, I was super happy to find this place. The dishes are very tasty and well balanced. They have a wide range of wines, which perfectly accompany the food.

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Nor Sky Casual Restaurant

Str. Barbu Văcărescu 201, București 077190, Romania


Denys Vanilov

a week ago

Very disappointed by the restaurant, the rating is inflated, here's why: I ordered Uruguay Beef entrecôte with Medium Rare meat (raw inside), but they brought me Well Done (it is elastic and without raw and even without meat juice) - the rating of the dish is 0 out of 10. To continue, the side dish was Mashed Potatoes with Truffle, the taste of the potatoes was the same as the potatoes that were warmed up (heated not the first time, it was felt in the taste), rating 0 out of 10, it was disgusting. Then there was the Italian Aperitif (starter), how did the beetroot end up in the “Italian aperitif” dish? What is there besides Italian mozzarella? Tomato? avocado? nothing, the rating of the dish is 0 out of 10. The chicken breast was elastic dense (having no juiciness), it looked like a frozen one that was thawed, it tasted 2 out of 10. The cocktail was rated 7 out of 10, that is, normal. The waiters served politely, but not everyone knew English. Good view of the city. I do not recommend eating here. I recommend to come to drink 1 cocktail or a cup of coffee. Thank you for reading to the end!

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Vatra Restaurant

Strada Ion Brezoianu 19, București 010131, Romania


Nick Pastore

a month ago

A traditional Romanian restaurant in Bucharest. The service was awesome! Our waiter and his colleagues were extremely attentive, helpful and kind. The salads, meats and veggies were fresh and prepared perfectly. The restaurant is clean and the flowers everywhere create a great setting. Great place to bring guests that come to visit Romania!!! The papnasi is just delicious! Thanks for a wonderful evening!

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Lacrimi și Sfinți

Strada Șepcari 16, București 030167, Romania


Nadim Nazha

a month ago

Very good food, nice setting, love the open kitchen to the main dining area. Service impeccable. Food menu is diversified. The fries were too soggy and schnitzel served cold, which explains the 4 stars. Would have deserved 5 otherwise.

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Hanu' lui Manuc

Str. Franceză 62-64, București 030106, Romania



a week ago

Great place, good food, kinda weird prices and the menu is kinda weirdly designed, so it's not the easiest thing to read. It's spacious, nicely decorated, live music, it's traditional Romanian and not only. We even joined a traditional dance. Overall nice experience and many tables. The location is perfect.

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Strada Luterană 2-4, București 010162, Romania


Alessandra Mihaela

5 months ago

Food ok but not extraordinary Service ok but the waiter had to double check twice what our order was Clean place, fast serving, food portions ok, but just not wow. There are other places I'd rather dine in at this price point 💰 Overall 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Restaurant Savart

Strada George Enescu nr. 2-4, București 010305, Romania



a month ago

Nice place, in one of the best areas of Bucharest, good music, could have better service..Pricey...notmal portions. We got beef tartar, salmon in caramelized onion and sea-bass and all were cooked to perfection. The down part is that kitchen close at 10 pm and we couldn't get a dessert! Maybe next time.

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Caru' cu bere

Strada Stavropoleos 5, București 030081, Romania


Bea Tseng

a month ago

My husband and I were in Bucharest at the end of our Viking cruise, and upon recommendation from a Romanian colleague, we made a reservation to dine at this historical place. This restored building is beautiful: the architecture, the paintings, and the stained glass. There were people walking in just to take pictures. We ordered their most popular dish: the house specialty roasted pork knuckle, for two, and it was humongous and delicious! It was enough to feed three to even four people! We also ordered salad and their “delicious dessert with hot chocolate filling” which turned out to be a lava cake. If you choose to order this dessert, expect to wait for 20 minutes or so. Their website mentions folk dance at 19:30. Somehow, I was picturing a continual dance show for 30 or 45 minutes, but it’s a sporadic dance show. Every few minutes, there’s one dance performance. Try to get a table that’s closest to the bar area in the center of the dining room; otherwise, it will be hard to see the dance with pillars half blocking the view and people clustering the main walkway area to take pictures and videos, blocking the view of those seated behind. It was worth visiting the place and eat there - food was good!

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the ARTIST Restaurant

Calea Victoriei 147, București 010073, Romania


Valentina Nica (Valle)

a month ago

A Michelin star experience! The service was extraordinary, fast and nice. The food was incredibly tasty and the presentation was amazing. We had a 4 course meal which I think it's a minimum for discovering the menu proposals. You can go for more even. If you have a special anniversary you can ask for the nice separate table in the garden for a more romantic atmosphere.

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Strada Smârdan 33, București 030073, Romania



a month ago

Loved this place. Food was great. Vegetables selection very good.nice spices something for everyone grest location in old Town and nice staff. Decore made up of old wood vintage doors. Upstairs stairs can be challenging. Really appreciated the cuisine after eating romanian food for two weeks. This food definitely had some spices and unusual recipes.

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Tineretului Park

Sector 4, București, Romania


Lucian Modiga

a week ago

Great Park! You can rent bikes with 3 euros per hour. You have a big lake that you can walk around it and some cafes and restaurants within the park.

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The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant

Şoseaua Pavel D. Kiseleff 3, București, Romania


Lucian Marin

a month ago

A museum that offers collections of pottery, old wearings, fabrics, and woodwork from across the centuries in Romanian history. There will often be flea markets outside at ground level, which have quite interesting and authetics goods. What I appreciate about it is the diversity of exhibitions that take place in this museum. It gives a good opportunity to showcase not just Romanian culture, but also worldwide culture. When we visited it, we saw the Children's Museum During Wartime. It was quite interesting reading the war stories from the eyes of children and seeing their most precious possessions that helped them escape such a terrible time. In the garden, you will find a XVIII century wooden church moved here since '92. Also, don't miss out of the souvenir shop. If you are a foreigner and you like traditional Romanian wears or items, you will definitely not leave the shop empty handed.

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Macca-Vilacrosse Passage

Pasajul Macca, București 030167, Romania


Özge Ergün

in the last week

Nice passage with lots of restaurants, cafes. The architecture is really nice, lighting makes it very cozy. Though you might encounter some employees trying to convince you to come have a drink at their cafe.

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Curtea Veche Palace

Str. Franceză 25, București 030167, Romania



a month ago

The oldest church in Bucharest. The construction started in the 16th century, it a neo gothic construction that has been fully renovated. The whole site it is beautiful. And the church construction calls easily attention. It is a small church inside but worthy to visit this construction

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Museum of Art Collections

Calea Victoriei 111, București, Romania


Heather Anderson

5 months ago

The art was lovely, but walking around lost its sense of atmosphere. Staff were on their phones or following you and watching you as you were trying to enjoy the art. I also wasn't aloud to take my water in, and by near the end I was very thirsty as it was so warm inside I just wanted out. It's ashame because the art is worth seeing!

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The Museum of Bucharest

Bulevardul Ion C. Brătianu 2, București 030167, Romania


Eleni Parapoura

a month ago

Interesting museum about Bucharest life and culture. Nicely decorated and the exhibitions where very carefully collected. In my opinion not one of the most extraordinary museums you can find in Bucharest but certainly quite interesting.

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Primaverii Palace (House of Ceauşescu)

Bulevardul Primăverii 50, București 014192, Romania


Valius Pirus

a month ago

Been here with my family, and we liked this place a lot. If you're looking for sightseeing, this is the place you definitely should visit. We were impressed by interior, and all features of this mansion. You can buy tickets right there, but you need to check a schedule of the tours through their site first, so you will not wait at the entrance.

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Carol I Park

Bulevardul Mărășești, București, Romania


Rina G

a month ago

Beautiful huge park with the memorial overlooking the boulevard running straight through the park. River scene. Bike hire. Picnic spots. Ice cream and snack vendors. Fountains. Easy access from anywhere in central Bucherest. Dog friendly. Great for the family and popular for wedding photos. Highly recommend a visit when visiting Bucharest. A real highlight. 🌞😊

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"Dimitrie Brândză" Botanical Garden

Șoseaua Cotroceni 32, București, Romania


Adina Calnan

a month ago

There was an Indian festival inside the botanical garden which was nice. The garden itself is big, and very pretty. They have benches throughout the place, so you can rest, or just sit and enjoy the views.

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The Church of the "Stavropoleos" Monastery

Strada Stavropoleos 4, București 030167, Romania


Paulo Lopes

2 months ago

🤩 amazing monastery. Very small but it seems that it is full of history. There's not a single place on the wall without decoration. I was able to get in by chance as there were people before me that couldn't get inside. It's free and you can pay for a candle to light and leave outside. Recommend going there before leaving town. You don't need to appreciate religion just that you enjoy decoration and history.

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"Grigore Antipa" National Museum of Natural History

Şoseaua Pavel D. Kiseleff 1, București 011341, Romania


Maria Mona Nămoloiu

2 weeks ago

The best natural history museum I have ever visited! It has many great interactive dioramas with natural life exhibits from all over the world, fossils and skeletons, a rock collection and even a small cave! It is well worth visiting every time when you're in Bucharest (I do it since I was a child). A wonderful learning experience for children of all ages - from 4 to 99!

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"Dimitrie Gusti" National Village Museum

Şoseaua Pavel D. Kiseleff 30, București 011347, Romania


Boglárka Lukács

a month ago

A lot of interesting historical and ethnographic information. It's a bit like a time travel. You will need at least 2 hours, if you want to see the exhibition- more, if you want to see everything detailed. But, if you stop to say "hi" to the cats living there, maybe more :)) It was a wonderful experience. The whole place is lovely. I warmly recommend.

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National Museum of Art

Calea Victoriei 49-53, București 010063, Romania


Adrian S. Urdea

in the last week

Inside this impetuous historical building, art enthusiasts can visit some delightful art galleries., since it hosts the Romanian National Art Museum. Positive: beautiful art of incredible value. Negative: it would be nice to be able to visit also the rest of this majestic building, not just the areas dedicated to the art expositions. Suggestions: No! Recommend: yes!

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King Mihai I Park (Herăstrău) CA

Bucharest, Romania



3 months ago

I had the opportunity to visit this amazing park this winter, and although it was a bit chilly, I enjoyed every minute. I particularly enjoy walking along the water, and so most of my photos were taken along the waterway. A walk around the water takes about 8 kilometers and is pure relaxation for the soul! Although winter was a special moment, I'm convinced that summer brings a different kind of magic that you absolutely must experience...💚!

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Grădina Cișmigiu

Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta, București 030167, Romania


David Zaki

a month ago

One of the amazing parks located at Bucharest. I think usually you need to dedicate some times to relax and enjoy these parks. It contains kids area, small lake, where you can hire a boat and enjoy. Multiple small restaurants. Nice sitting area. No tickets are needed. Just go and enjoy . May need 2 hours to take a fast trip through this park. Try best to visit it

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The Triumphal Arch

Piața Arcul de Triumf, București 011453, Romania


Stephanie Noble

2 weeks ago

Free to enter at the weekends, no disabled access as far as I could see (this is usual for this type of monument), nice views and was easy to climb. Nice displays on the way but descriptions are Romanian so update your google translate for the best experience!

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National Museum of Romanian History

Calea Victoriei 12, București 030026, Romania


Iryna Yasyrova

2 months ago

Place is very beautiful! Especially the jewelry section! There is also a part with a sushi museum just at the right when you enter. The column was even huger than I expected! Majority of the text is translated into English, but the parts that aren’t have pictures so you would get the idea. Adult ticket is 20 lei, student is 5 lei (can be bought at the ticket office at the entrance and online. We got them at the tickets office)

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The Romanian Athenaeum

1, Strada Benjamin Franklin 1-3, București 030167, Romania


Anastasiia Hr

2 weeks ago

definitely one of the most stunning buildings in Bucharest. the whole building looks insane and it's has this fancy vibe going on inside too. If you're into artsy stuff or just want to check out some epic architecture, you gotta hit this spot! I totally recommending it to everyone

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Palace of Parliament

Strada Izvor 2-4, București, Romania



in the last week

Parliament of Bucharest is the heaviest building on this planet and second largest administrative building in the world after Pentagon. They have official guided tours but the bookings need to be done in advance by calling them as the slots are very limited. Bookings start a day prior only. The guided tour was pretty good and explained many facts about Romanian political history and some interesting facts related to the construction and history of the building. I would definitely recommend this when in Romania.

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