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Amsterdam, Netherlands

August 10, 2023

Amsterdam is the capital and most populous city of the Netherlands, with a population of 872,680 within the city proper, 1,381,300 in the urban area and 2,410,960 in the metropolitan area. It is located in the province of North Holland in the west of the country. The Amsterdam metropolitan area comprises much of the northern part of the Randstad, one of the larger conurbations in Europe which has a population of approximately 8.1 million. Amsterdam's name derives from Amstelredamme, indicative of its origin around a dam in the

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Café restaurant van Kerkwijk

Nes 41, 1012 KC Amsterdam, Netherlands


Al Alverson

a month ago

The food here was incredible. The veal I had was fantastic as was the fish dish my wife had. I saw many with the beef in a strawberry sauce which is a signature dish also looked incredible. A quaint little family owned place in a quiet part of Amsterdam. Highly recommend.

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Chef Adrienne | Private Dining Amsterdam

Valeriusstraat 250-HS, 1075 GL Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Art Song Preservation Society of New York

a year ago

During our recent vacation with friends to Amsterdam and other parts of Europe, my husband selected an evening with private chef Adrienne to host my birthday dinner. Prior to that evening, we all ate at several Michelin star rated restaurants but without a doubt the culinary highlight was our evening at chef Adrienne's home. The food was simply stellar and the ambiance in her beautiful home was sublime. Her skills are masterful and her demeanor utterly elegant. We enthusiastically recommend this exquisite chef!

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Restaurant Plancius

Plantage Kerklaan 61, 1018 CX Amsterdam, Netherlands


Erika Gracés

4 months ago

It's a lovely restaurant close to Artis - friendly service, big portions and tasty food.

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Café De Klepel

Prinsenstraat 22, 1015 DD Amsterdam, Netherlands


Douglas Pierotti

a week ago

Great wine centric restaurant. Inside seating is a tough reservation, 2 months out, but I was able to snag outdoor seating. No a full menu outside though. A very knowledgeable, friend staff! All sommeliers. I look forward to dining inside for a proper experience.

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Graham's Kitchen

Hemonystraat 38, 1074 BS Amsterdam, Netherlands


John Kentisbeer

a week ago

Sensational food experience, we had five course menu which was plenty, with accompanying wine flight. The staff are very welcoming, friendly and helpful, explaining each course and wine so you know what you’re about to experience. The atmosphere was relaxed and easygoing. Fabulous.

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De Ruijterkade 128, 1011 AC Amsterdam, Netherlands


Travel & Champagne

a week ago

Incredible restaurant and a must visit in Amsterdam. They have a fantastic bio champagne list and great options by the glass too. The course meal left me feeling content and happy. All dishes were perfectly executed and they have so many amazing sauces. A great place for a vegetable forward menu. I really enjoyed the champagne Fleury throughout the meal.

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Café-Restaurant Amsterdam

Watertorenplein 6, 1051 PA Amsterdam, Netherlands


Dasha Krotenko

a month ago

A very nice restaurant with an incredibly atmospheric interior. Suitable for lunch with friends or dinner as a couple. A varied menu with reasonable prices. the dishes are quite mediocre. But the atmosphere of the restaurant is decisive.

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Rozengracht 251, 1016 SX Amsterdam, Netherlands


laney low

a month ago

Cozy place with choice of indoor and outdoor. Reservation is recommended. It is packed. The place is filled with all the pictures of different mom. It is one of the to go place I would recommend for local Netherlands food like hopscotch. Very filling. I had wine to go with it. Easy accessible with tram. Quite hard to manoeuvre between tables as quite cozy and packed. The hopscotch taste so good with the sauce. I had it with spinach and that is why it is in green. Beef stew is nice and rich and beef are tender and melt when u have them. The staff are friendly and helpful.

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Restaurant Olijfje

Valkenburgerstraat 223D, 1011 MJ Amsterdam, Netherlands


Ivo Brouwer

in the last week

Good restaurant just outside center of Amsterdam. They have a wide range of dishes not limited to Italian food. Staff is friendly and service was good. Food was good as well, smaller portions (but good size) when compared to US means. I had the lamb (grilled) which was good (not perfect), we also had the lamb stew which was actually better. The rice was actually very good. Greek yogurt as dessert which is already a pleasure., which was nice. In general good restaurant.

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Restaurant Daalder*

Postjesweg 1, 1057 DT Amsterdam, Netherlands



2 weeks ago

Outstanding dishes all presented so beautifully. Service was excellent and the team was very attentive! Highly recommended this Michelin starred restaurant. It's one of the best 1 star restaurants I have tried. The wine list is great and the sommelier was excellent as well.

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De Belhamel

Brouwersgracht 60, 1013 GX Amsterdam, Netherlands



2 months ago

Went here with a friend under a reservation. We were the only ones sitting inside for a while, but the service was a little slow. The service was nice, but they took a while to bring our food even though I saw individuals that came later with theirs. On the other hand, the food was really good. I got the salmon plate and my friend got one of the steak plates. On the menu it says she gets green beans with the serving, but she got Snapseed instead. I hope they can update the menu to display seasonal vegetables. The bread for the beginning was very tasty and we had some desserts at the end with great flavors. Overall the food is really good, but the wait time is slow. We also saw an overwhelming amount of people try to come in without a reservation, but they were denied because it was too full. So make sure to make a reservation, we called the same day in the morning and managed to get one though!

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Keizersgracht 384, 1016 GB Amsterdam, Netherlands


Jan Klaas

a week ago

Restaurant is located in a beautiful building on one of the nicer canals of Amsterdam. Very nice interior, with details from the past, when the dining room was a bakery. Food was excellent, really rich and full of flavors, especially with the sauces. French with some Japanese influences. Service was great as well, quite international, as you can expect in Amsterdam.

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Blue Pepper

Nassaukade 366, 1054 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands


Daniel Stefanus

3 weeks ago

Incredible! Service was so friendly, attentive, and warm. We loved the food, especially the seafood stew and the three mains for the 75 euro set menu. Can’t recommend this restaurant enough!!

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BAK restaurant

Van Diemenstraat 408, 1013 CR Amsterdam, Netherlands


Marc van Kreveld

2 months ago

You need to make a reservation for this restaurant, which has no street presence at all. The attic location is very nice and the food is excellent. We had the seven course dinner. Courses had a good (small enough) size so that we managed to finish our dinner. Flavors and combinations were excellent, highly recommended. One minus is that espresso is not served, just filter coffee. But the food was really good and interesting, so still five stars.

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De Plantage

Plantage Kerklaan 36, 1018 CZ Amsterdam, Netherlands


Pinar Ozcan

a month ago

As I know how good the service usually is, this time around I was disappointed. I would say, when a service time ends, let’s say lunch time ends, and your guests are still there, make sure to appoint at least a server that “wants” to check that table. After 15:30 till 16:30 no one asked us a single time if we were doing okay, I called a server over multiple times to ask for more bread, water, drink etc and guess what? We never received the bread, never received the water. It’s a pity because the first server that was there till 15:30 was amazing!! And when he went on a break we felt lost.

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de Silveren Spiegel

Kattengat 4-6, 1012 SZ Amsterdam, Netherlands



3 months ago

Best meal in Amsterdam. Fantastic food, innovative, exciting flavours, magical presentation. This family owned business is amazing and has been around f100s of years. Yet food is modern and spectacularly presented. Tjis young chef is a magician!!

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Restaurant The White Room by Jacob Jan Boerma

Dam 9, 1012 JS Amsterdam, Netherlands


Aysun Yumer

a week ago

the menu is from December. winter menu. It was a good experience. The most interesting dish for us was the dessert - mushroom ice cream served with crispy bacon, popcorn and dark chocolate. Only the cocktail I drank was extremely disappointing...

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Restaurant De Utrechtsedwarstafel

Utrechtsedwarsstraat 107-109, 1017 WD Amsterdam, Netherlands


Bosko Radivojevic

a month ago

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting Restaurant De Utrechtsedwarstafel in Amsterdam with my business partners, and it was truly an extraordinary fine dining experience that exceeded all expectations. From the impeccable service to the exquisite flavors and carefully selected wine pairings, every aspect of our evening was meticulously crafted to create a memorable culinary journey. The restaurant offers a unique dining concept with a set menu that takes you on a gastronomic adventure. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared and artfully presented, showcasing the culinary mastery of the chef. From the moment we took our first bite of the asparagus soup, we knew we were in for a treat. The delicate flavors and velvety texture of the soup set the stage for what was to come—a symphony of flavors that unfolded with each subsequent course. Accompanying each dish was a fantastic wine pairing, carefully chosen to enhance the flavors and elevate the dining experience. What truly impressed us was the owner's ability to share the story behind each wine and winery. Their passion and knowledge shone through as they provided a brief narrative, adding an extra layer of depth to our meal. It was a delightful blend of culinary artistry and oenological exploration. The menu at De Utrechtsedwarstafel showcased a diverse range of flavors and textures, ensuring there was something to please every palate. From the succulent fish to the perfectly cooked beef, each dish was a harmonious combination of ingredients and techniques. The attention to detail and the use of premium ingredients were evident in every bite, leaving us in awe of the chef's skill and creativity. One of the standout moments of the evening was the dessert—a delicious finale that perfectly captured the essence of indulgence. Whether it was a decadent chocolate creation or a refreshing fruit medley, the desserts at De Utrechtsedwarstafel were the epitome of culinary artistry, providing a sweet and satisfying conclusion to our meal. The "slow food" concept embraced by the restaurant truly allowed us to unwind and savor each moment. We were encouraged to sit back, relax, and let the owner and their team take care of everything. The wait time between dishes was perfectly paced, allowing us to appreciate each course and engage in conversation without feeling rushed. It's an experience that encourages you to disconnect from the outside world and fully immerse yourself in the joy of fine dining. For those planning to visit, it's important to allocate at least two hours for the entire dining experience. This will give you ample time to relish every course, savor the wine pairings, and truly appreciate the meticulous attention to detail that goes into each aspect of your meal. In conclusion, Restaurant De Utrechtsedwarstafel in Amsterdam offers an extraordinary fine dining experience that delights all the senses. With its set menu, exceptional wine pairings, and impeccable service, it delivers a culinary journey that is truly unparalleled. The "slow food" concept allows you to relax and enjoy every moment, while the owner's passion and knowledge add an extra layer of enchantment to the experience. If you're seeking an unforgettable gastronomic adventure, make sure to visit Restaurant De Utrechtsedwarstafel and prepare to be captivated by their exceptional offerings.

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1079 RA Amsterdam, Netherlands


Shalini Chopra

3 months ago

Just the vibe is great ! There is something for all here!! I have visited this area in different seasons and it’s stunning in winter too with an ice skating rink too. It was gorgeous even now in April.

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Hermitage Amsterdam

Amstel 51, 1018 DR Amsterdam, Netherlands


Bloggsy Malone

3 months ago

Wonderful weekend market filled with stalls selling choice fresh goods. An island of calm in a very busy Amsterdam! Highly recommend the Oishi Buns - many different flavours including vegetarian options. We have the vegetarian one and the Peking Duck with cabbage. Freshly made and piping hot! Free entry.

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Damrak 66, 1012 LM Amsterdam, Netherlands


عبدالرزاق شما

in the last week

My visit to the Human Body World Museum was an enjoyable and awe-inspiring experience. The museum provides a comprehensive and scientific view of the human body and its workings. The interactive exhibits and explanations were clear and easily understandable for everyone. You can explore the organs and systems and grasp how they function and relate to each other. The staff was friendly, helpful, and patiently answered all my questions. The Human Body World Museum is an excellent place for learning and gaining scientific knowledge about our amazing bodies. I highly recommend it to people of all ages who are interested in understanding the wonders of this incredible human being

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De 9 Straatjes

Wolvenstraat 9, 1016 EM Amsterdam, Netherlands


Henry Pham

a month ago

I found peace in my mind when taking 1 hour walk alone around this charming canal area. It’s even more beautiful during summer time 💕 I will definitely visit Amsterdam again

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National Monument

Dam, 1012 JL Amsterdam, Netherlands


Flavio Pimentel

2 months ago

The Dam is the most iconic square in the city. It is the meeting point for tourists, streets artists, protesters, public events etc. you can sit down a bit at the stairs next to the national 2WW monument to feel the vibrant atmosphere of Amsterdam.

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Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

Plantage Middenlaan 2a, 1018 DD Amsterdam, Netherlands


shira matityahu

a year ago

I found the gardens a bit small, but they were still quite nice. The place honestly looked like paradise. Excellent selection of different plants and climates.

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Begijnhof 1, 1012 WS Amsterdam, Netherlands


Bastian Brunner

9 months ago

It was such a beautiful place. You could make so cool and nice looking pictures and it wasn’t too growded. If you’re near this place go there and even if you need to walk there a couple of minutes it is worth it.

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Our Lord in the Attic Museum (Former Hidden Catholic Church)

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 38-40, 1012 GD Amsterdam, Netherlands



a month ago

The best place I've visited in A'dam! Beautiful under every aspect. Unique place to see, nice and interesting audio guide with a lot of info. Fun patch for the kids. Really enjoyed it! Not adding a lot of pictures so the visit is more exciting; living places, the church, the storage area, the organ and all the decorative items to be seen first person!

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Dungeon Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Dungeon, Rokin 78, 1012 KW Amsterdam, Netherlands



in the last week

Amazing! This was such a fun experience. The actors were all very great and engaging. My mom is a huge baby and was able to get through it without being too scared. I absolutely recommend this place!

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Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Dam 21, 1012 JS Amsterdam, Netherlands


Hari Vemula

in the last week

Some of the exhibits on the display, wait most of the exhibits on the display are already known to most of us. Mostly because of the fact that they are way too old, and thanks to YouTube. These are not really “believe it or not” stuff anymore. But, if you have kids with lot of energy and enthusiasm, please drop em off here. They will have a fun ride. I would recommend you to escort them.

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Heineken Experience

Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands



2 weeks ago

This Heineken tour is not an ordinary tour. interactive, fun, informative and enjoyable. The tour is definitely worth the fee you pay. I enjoyed it very much and had a good time with my friend. First of all, you are informed first in every station, then you have fun. I'm sure all visitors laugh. You are tasting two beers with the ticket you bought. If you want, many free photo options are offered to you. You can send it to your mail address quite simply. Likewise, you can shoot videos and create a fun moment. Since it is a brand that combines sports and beer, it is possible to see works in terms of sports. After the visit, you sip your beer with quite fun activities. I definitely recommend you go. Warning ! : You will not understand how time has passed and you will have fun for a long time…

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Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Museumplein 10, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands


Anastasia G

3 weeks ago

Massive Museum of Contemporary Art. Different collections of various periods starting from around the 19th century. Plenty to see. 3 floors. The lower level is dedicated to the special exhibition s. Cafe and toilets are available on site. Free audio commentary is available in English and Dutch.

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The National Maritime Museum

Kattenburgerplein 1, 1018 KK Amsterdam, Netherlands


David Webster

a month ago

We went here because someone in our group loves ships, navy, and water. By the end we all loved this museum. What a pleasant experience the exceeded our expectations. The ship outside was a little challenging for the elderly person in our group because of the walking up and down the stairs. The rest of the museum was well done for handicap access. Very interesting looking at the maps, sextants, and ship decorations.

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Plantage Kerklaan 38-40, 1018 CZ Amsterdam, Netherlands


Katy Baldwin

a week ago

Most incredible zoo we've ever been to. It started to rain a bit, and we didn't get a chance to hit any of the surrounding museums or the planetarium, but the animal enclosures are so fascinating, we didn't mind. You are so close to the animals, it's a wonder they don't hop the little wooden fence. Absolutely incredible experience. We had a little pick-me-up at one of the food stands, was expecting zoo-quality food. Not some ridiculously moist muffin and an apple turnover that was still warm. They did forget to make my coffee but it's alright. Was unbelievable, 10/10

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NEMO Science Museum

Oosterdok 2, 1011 VX Amsterdam, Netherlands


Abdullah D

3 weeks ago

If you visit Amsterdam with your kids, you should not miss visiting the Nemo Science Museum. The museum is a large, five-floor building, beautifully designed in a very beautiful area of Amsterdam. The museum is located in an area considered commercial and great for walking and picnicking. Visiting the museum in the morning will enrich your children's experience, as the museum contains on each of its floors a different experience, from human sciences to mechanical sciences to energy and space. All experiences are available to children by touching, listening, and watching, where children and adults can also enjoy an unforgettable experience. The museum also contains live experiences in its center. When you visit the museum, please try to ask about the date of the live events to watch them with your children. We had a wonderful experience by watching a live show on how to generate energy. It was wonderful, suitable for all ages, and amazing for the little ones. Just so you know, if you are going to visit the museum, please try to coordinate the visit through the hotel to make sure that the visit is available. It is also preferable to reach the museum by public transport or by walking because access by car is very difficult and there are no nearby parking spaces, in addition to the difficulty of the nearby roads and transportation to the museum by car. Many thanks to the museum team for an enjoyable visit. I wish you a nice visit.

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Anne Frank House

Westermarkt 20, 1016 GV Amsterdam, Netherlands


paul terhune

a month ago

Very moving experience. Very well organized. After your tour, great coffee shop to reflect on your experience with an unforgettable view of Amsterdam. It was hard to leave the view.

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Museumstraat 1, 1071 XX Amsterdam, Netherlands


Mihaela Radu

a week ago

Wonderful experience! It was a shame the Night watch was covered by the scanner at the time of my visit, but the museum hosts wonderful pieces by so many esteemed artists. Patience is a virtue and if you plan to visit this museum only once in a lifetime, allocate at least half day to enjoy every room thoroughly. Mind that other visitors might admire certain famous works for few minutes , so it’s wise to allocate enough time if you are planning to explore freely every room. I highly recommend downloading the museum’s app and learn about various artists, their lives and the stories behind their works. It’s busy around opening and closing hours. I got there at 11:00 and left at 17:00 and around 14-15:00, there were not that many visitors.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amelie Weydert

a month ago

A beautiful park in the center of Amsterdam! There’s a playground with a little water for kids to play in, and you can hike and bike through the entire park! We pick nicked there for lunch and it was absolutely perfect.

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Royal Palace Amsterdam

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 147, 1012 RJ Amsterdam, Netherlands


Debojyoti Roy

a week ago

The Royal palace is an amazing place to visit and witness the magnificent interior, architecture and history. They have audio tours in various languages and it’s really easy to navigate in the palace using the Audio tour guide. The staff is friendly and helpful.

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Van Gogh Museum

Museumplein 6, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands


Igor Omarov

in the last week

A magnificent museum - here you can not only enjoy the work of Van Gogh and look at his painting, but really learn a lot from his biography, understand why he painted in this style in each of the periods of his life and, in general, better understand his work. I advise you to take an audio guide, which discusses the main of his works (if you are not an art historian, you probably will not understand without an audio guide why some paintings are considered brilliant). The museum itself is very popular - you can't get into it without an appointment, at least during the season, so it's best to plan this trip to the museum in advance. You can follow the museum map.

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