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JULY 15 - 21 | Happenings


Mason County, WA, USA

July 10, 2024

July 15 -21 | Mason County Events and Happenings

Here's a few things that are happening around Mason County July 15-21.  Click on the links below for more information or visit the locations below to build your Happenings Itinerary! 

Shelton Cinema through 7/18/24 DESPICABLE ME 4 (PG) & FLY ME TO THE MOON  (PG-13) movie times

07/15/24 | Shelton, Free Monday Kids Movies at Shelton Cinema @ 12:30PM | RUBY GILLMAN TEENAGE KRAKEN 

07/17/24 | Union,  Open Mic at Hood Canalé 

07/17/24 | Union,  Canal Cook Out at the Hook & Fork more info

07/17/24 | (through 07/21/24) Union, Saltwater Songwriters Festival more info
07/18/24 | Shelton, Skookum Rotary's Music In the Park - Vozess Singers more info
07/19/24 | Shelton, Shelton Chamber Business Expo/Bite of Mason County more info

07/19/24 | Shelton, Shelton Cinemas new movie switch: Twisters movie schedule

07/19/24 | Shelton,  Shelton Parks & Rec Movies in the Park, Super Mario Brothers movie schedule
07/19/24 | (through 07/21/24) Allyn, Allyn Days and Geoduck Festival more info

 07/20/24| Kamilche, Cruise at the Creek Car Show at Little Creek Casino more info

07/20/24 | Shelton, Wilde Irish Beer Choir more info
07/20/24| Taylor Town, Skyline Drive-In Annual Kids' Day! 

Weather is in the mid 80's all week!  

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Hood Canalé

6871 Washington 106 Suite B, Union


Andrew Block

a week ago

Hard to believe, but some of the better pizza I’ve had outside of Naples. This place is magical! Incredibly welcoming and the live music was amazing!

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Shelton-Mason County Chamber of Commerce

215 West Railroad Avenue, Shelton


claudia suastegui

a year ago

I've lived in Shelton for only a few months now and have appreciated the Chamber's support in both my personal and professional expansion!

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Robin Hood Village Resort

6790 Washington 106, Union


annelise franey

a week ago

Lovely little resort on the Hood Canal. The hot tub was amazing and the space was cozy! Beautiful grounds you can walk around with a creek, various sitting areas, and even corn hole. Just across the road are complimentary kayaks you can take out on the canal, weather permitting. We loved our stay and will definitely be back!

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Shelton Cinemas

517 West Franklin Street, Shelton


belinda gilmete

in the last week

Nice staff, never crowded. Great place to take your family. Food is good

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Kneeland Park

100 Turner Avenue, Shelton


Music in the Park with Skookum Rotary

Heather Hernandez

5 months ago

A great park with trees, a dynamic climbing playground, slides, swings, a large grass field, restrooms, a gazebo and more. The playground is great for all ages, toddlers to pre-teens. Highly recommended and even works on rainy days as the playground is made from wood rather than metal or plastic.

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Little Creek Casino Resort

91 Washington 108, Shelton


benjamin olson

in the last week

Ate at the casino restaurant. Food was decent, but a little over priced. My wife ordered fish, which was a little dry. Same with my fish and chips which made it a little rubbery/chewy. Tried multiple other dishes and none of them were that great with each person having a similar response. Nice place to eat considering the area, it's just not worth the cost considering the food outcome.

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High Steel Beer Co.

233 South 1st Street, Shelton


Deborah Kilmer

3 months ago

The atmosphere was amazing its art deco / American Legion authentic vibe. The staff were fun and engaging. Normally when the beer is really good the food is kind of just, eh… but here it’s so not the case! I got the Banh Mi sandwich and my partner got buffalo chicken nachos. I loved Vietnam, explored the country north to south. The Banh Mi sandwich gave me Vietnam street food pho taste in the meat with the pickled veggies and a bun that took you straight to a high end baseball field. It was the biggest wow moment in dining I’d had in a while. The tater tots were amazing, not greasy, crunchy, not overly salty, just perfect! I’m going on about the food but the IPA was deep in flavor and yet drank lightly. Dangerous! Haha! Highly recommend you go and try this amazing place! It’s the trifecta of lovely staff, amazing food, and fantastic micro brews. Haven’t seen it’s equal in along time!

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Allyn Waterfront Park

18560 Washington 3, Allyn


Allyn Days & Geoduck Festival | July 19-21 http:/

Pablo Galvez de Leon

2 months ago

Cute little spot to see the sea lions. I don’t think they’re always there but you’re likely to catch them cuddling every now and then. A hidden gem of the peninsula.

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Skyline Drive In Theater

182 Southeast Brewer Road, Shelton


Double Feature Movies

Schillea Tweed

in the last week

I had a decent time and came here with a group of friends and their kids and enjoyed the movie. The food was decently priced and the ticket fees were good. I have a couple of complaints that i do hope get recognition. The temperatures in the area where you get the food and drinks, were unbearable to be in. I was in there 7 to 10 mins waiting in the lines and felt sick. I feel horrible for the young adults working in that heat. I don't understand why there is not an AC provided or the bare minimum FANS. I do hope this post brings some awareness to the people that own this establishment or the people in charge. The younger workers were very nice each time I went and got refills regardless of being in those scorching temperatures. I think it is very unsafe temperatures for them to be working in. Also the older lady might need to rethink of how she treats her coworkers or employees if she is the manager. My friend heard her say to one the young workers "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??" and he says "helping a customer look for ketchup packets" and she says to him, in front of EVERYONE, "do not talk to anyone. You don't know where anything is. Find someone who DOES KNOW". it was just super disrespectful. Everyone knows it's hot and everyone is uncomfortable. But that was no way to talk to an employee in front of people.

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Biagio’s Ristorante

299 Paramus Rd, Paramus, NJ 07652, United States


Gary Salgado (PumbaDX)

4 weeks ago

We just had a wedding on June 15th and it was amazing! An absolute blast! The whole staff was attentive and really treated myself, my bride and all of my guests exceptionally. Specifically, Paula, Zack and Shaun were amazing and tended to everything we needed to make the day smooth. We had 78 guests not counting our vendors and had the ceremony in the new gazebo and we thought it was gorgeous. We had brough our wedding favors and left them to display them, which looked amazing. Honestly couldn't have asked for more for my special day!

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