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Food Trucks Of Mason County


Mason County, WA, USA

July 09, 2024

Who doesn't love a good food truck?

Mason County has some great offerings with more added every year. Pull off and walk up to some of the best food in the county!

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Kerns Kitchen Food Truck



Samantha Norberg

4 months ago

I couldn't actually tell if the food was good or not because of the pile of garlic on it. It was the only flavor present. Maybe I just got a rogue dish though.

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Radio Fryer Foods, LLC

111 East Railroad Avenue, Shelton


Anon Ymous

2 weeks ago

A bit insulted by the quality of burger we were served. They charred the living heck out of the patties on both our burgers. One side was burnt to a crisp as if they forgot it in the grill and the entire patty took on a hockey puck quality. There was a new guy working and some patties are going to get messed up in training but you don’t serve those to customers if you want them to go back to your restaurant. Instead of owning up to their mistake and offering the ruined patties to our very good dog, they decided to serve them to us. The jalapeño mozzarella sticks were good and had a nice heat to them. The place was not busy. We were the only walk ups and no line in the drive-through. I expected the customer service to be better given that fried food is very easy to come by in the area.

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Wise Guys - Italian food

23611 Washington 3, Belfair



a week ago

Absolutely amazing! Such a hidden gem! We just happened to be driving by and it caught my eye. I was too excited and enjoyed the food too fast to get pictures of my order, but I did snag a pic of their menus. The staff were so friendly and welcoming, and even offered to put the shrimp on the side for the shrimp roll if I wasn't eating it right away so the bread wouldn't get soggy. That's exactly what I decided to do, which was perfect - gave me time to drive home before putting the shrimp on, and even after the long-ish drive home, it was so good! Highly recommend. I loved that they included dill in the sauce, I love dill and don't see it used enough. I also got some spaghetti alfredo, and it was by far the best I've had in ages, including home made. An absolute steal for $11, I regret not getting the seafood on it for an extra $3 - will get it next time! One other minor thing that I appreciate - their takeout containers are robust and reusable, and microwave safe, which is nice because then you're not eating from soggy soaked containers, and it's better for the environment than the single use stuff. I'm so happy I to have found this spot, very much looking forward to going back to try more of their menu!

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Ana’s Pupuseria

1325 Olympic Highway South, Shelton


Bryna Antonia Cortes

a week ago

Super amazing Salvadorean food truck! Got horchata and a few pupusas. Tastes super fresh and the pupusas are nice and fluffy.

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Tacos La Oaxaquena #1

1428 Olympic Highway South, Shelton


Kaitlyn Byrd

7 months ago

This place has the best tacos! Four tacos and a drink cost me 17 something. It was definitely worth the wait and the price! When I'm craving delicious tacos. This is my number one choice. I don't know why it doesn't have a higher rating, but if you haven't tried this place yet, I definitely recommend it.

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Tacos La Oaxaquena #2

1804 Olympic Highway North, Shelton


Scott Elliott

a week ago

Love their asada tacos and tacos de birria

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Klay's Burger Shack

410 East Pickering Road, Shelton



a month ago

Stopped in here today for the first time. The prices are really great for the food and service your receive. The mushroom and Swiss burger I ordered was quite delicious. The veggies on it were nice and fresh. Fries hot and crispy. My wife had the halibut burger, it was tasty and she complimented it also.

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El Vagón

680 East Johns Prairie Road, Shelton


Daniel Basler

a month ago

Its ok now used to be better unless if my taste buds changed the meat has a different taste here. asked for steak they gave me ground beef or something cheap. 25$ and honestly taste like 5$. all those 5 star ratings are fake and need to be taken down

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