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3 Hours In Belfair with friends


Belfair, WA 98528, USA

July 03, 2024

If you only have 3 hours to spend in Belfair, here are some suggestions on how to make the most of your time: 

1. Visit Theler Wetlands: Take a leisurely stroll through the Theler Wetlands and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. The wetlands offer a variety of walking trails that showcase the local flora and fauna.

2. Grab a bite to eat: Head to one of the local restaurants or cafes in Belfair for a quick meal or snack. Some popular options include Wise Guys Itailian, Burger Claim & More, The Hideaway. 

3. Explore local shops: Take some time to browse the unique shops and boutiques in Belfair. You can find everything from handmade crafts to antiques and souvenirs. Stop by the White Barn for some unique gifts.

4. Visit Belfair State Park: If you're looking for outdoor activities, head to Belfair State Park for some hiking, picnicking, or birdwatching. The park offers beautiful views of Hood Canal and is a great spot to relax and unwind. You will need a Washington State Discover Pass. Overall, while 3 hours may not seem like much time, there are plenty of things to see and do in Belfair that will make your visit memorable. Make sure to plan your itinerary accordingly based on your interests!

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Bent Bine Brew Co.

23297 WA-3, Belfair, WA 98528, United States


Chris Douglas

5 years ago

Great variety of beers on tap and available to go. Very good service. Average price range. Plenty of comfortable seating with a good size outside area. Clean restroom. Sports bar atmosphere. This place is NOT real easy to find, (but it is next door to the sheriff's office annex) and can be TOUGH to exit their lot. The building itself is easy to access and exit. Fully handicapped accessible. If you found this post to be helpful please consider a thumbs-up.

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White Barn Decor

23611 Washington 3, Belfair


Angelika R (Angelika)

a month ago

Ordered my mom a hanging basket for next day delivery/mother's day weekend. I live out of state and usually look to delivery services that can bring her something nice. This was my first time using white barn but I'm glad I did. She raved about her "enormous" hanging basket she received yesterday and sent me lots of text messages. You guys did good! I will have to stop in for a visit next time I am ever in town. Oh the $20 delivery is reasonable too I think, considering how spread out homes are in mason county. Thank you!

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Wise Guys - Italian food

23611 Washington 3, Belfair


Anthony Vieira

a year ago

Swung by because of the vibrant handmade signs. I got the meatball sub and it was fantastic! The bread was super fresh and I’ve never had a meatball sub with Alfredo and marinara sauce. I’ll never go back to having it only with marinara. Customer service was great as well the owner was very friendly and the food came out really fast. Great prices for the quality you get. I highly recommend you give them a shot.

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